Ahh...that's better!

30 November 2014

After a rather depressing start to the season yesterday the wind calmed down and it was brighter this morning, leading to quietly optimistic enthusiasm, and Penny, Richard, Mark, Michael and I had a surprisingly good morning. We warmed up on piste for about five minutes before testing the waters off the edge of the piste, and then we spread our wings from there. There was just enough light to be comfortable but by 11:30 the wind was picking up and clouds were rolling in and the light deteriorated rapidly. We’d had the best of the day so we skied down to the top of the Signal cable car to finish off a very satisfying morning.

Andreas came up for a quick ski as did Chris and Suzanne, and Andreas looked rather sharp in our new uniforms.

I’m off to Johnny Alpine’s to watch Southampton vs City and stay tuned for more news tomorrow. (Photos are up)

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