Considering there's no snow.......!

02 December 2014

After two days of skiing in flat-light I was overjoyed to open my curtains and see clear blue skies, and we profited with a superb morning of skiing. We started off with the Combe du 3300 from the top of the t-bar before ‘skinning’ out, then we circled back around to ski the Pays Desert. Considering there isn’t any snow, I’d say that was a cracking morning of powder snow and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Andreas came up to ski a couple of runs with Tansy and I’m sure he’s posted something on our Facebook page.

It’s so warm this afternoon that I ate my lunch on the terrace and soaked up some warming rays that felt wonderful. We need snow but I enjoyed a morning of vis and could do with another one tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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