Jean back in action!

03 December 2014

The day started out looking like a repeat of yesterday but the clouds rolled in and the skies became overcast very quickly. It took some mental adjustment going from ‘tally-ho-here-we-go’ to ‘bugger-I-hope-I-can-see-enough’ but we ‘skinned’ from the top of the t-bar hoping for the best. Fortunately we had enough light to ski and navigate and after a third of the way down it started to cheer up and we ended up skiing and walking in beautiful sunshine. (but by this time my camera battery had died). The best news of the day however was the return of Jean Ribart. Jean was a little nervous in the flat-light because of his knee, but the snow was excellent and the light improved so he had a confidence-building first day back.

It was another great win for the Hammers last night and I don’t want to get too excited in case I jinx them, but this is so much more fun than being relegation fodder! I’m looking forward to a meal and Arsenal v Southampton at Johnny Alpine’s tonight.

On the weather front is had cooled down enough so that the snow cannons are now pumping out snow so things should look better by the weekend, and we could see some real snow by then as well.

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