Another cracking morning!

04 December 2014

Today was similar to yesterday as we started in flat-light but after skiing the first pitch we broke into better visibility and sunshine for the rest of the morning. We did a ‘triple-skin’ in the Pays Desert and had superb skiing top-to-bottom. The skiing is very limited to say the least but the snow is fantastic and everyone is enjoying what’s on offer.

There is a huge haggis trap at the bottom of the first pitch in the Pays Desert at the foot of the glacier. (See photos) I’m glad I know it’s there because it’s big and deep and you’d probably kill yourself if you skied into it. It will take a lot of snow and wind to fill it in so we’ll need to be careful in the meantime.

Thanks John for the football and a great meal last night, and Happy Birthday Suzanne!

PS And thank you Lou from Bonne Sante for a superb treatment on my back yesterday. It’s made a massive difference already after one session!

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