Third place for a day!

07 December 2014

Today was an absolutely brilliant ski with the glacier in full sunshine above a sea-of-cloud, and we profited with the best morning of the season. We’ve had great snow so far but today we hit our lines just right and with lovely snow and clear blue skies today’s ski will take some beating. Andreas and my teams skied a fantastic first pitch on the Pays Desert before cutting under or through the rocks for another beautiful pitch before ‘skinning’ up again for the bottom slopes. Andreas then set a boot track up to access the slopes under the bubble towards the Combe du Signal, and that too was excellent and a nice change of pace.

We’ve had some great new additions over the weekend as Peter and Clare brought their friend Mark along and today Tilly introduced Jim to Alpine. Both are solid skiers and terrific company and we look forward to skiing with them both again in the near future.

And to top off a fantastic day my Hammers won their third game in a row to jump up to third place, if only for 24-hours, behind Chelsea and City. Can you believe it? (Thanks for the game John and thanks to Derek, Paul and the Campbell’s for taking Andreas, Clare B and I out for a great evening last night!)

A rougher day is forecast for tomorrow but we’ll certainly savour today!

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