Another morning in the Pays Desert!

08 December 2014

With absolutely no options we continued on and had another excellent ski in the Pays Desert. The snow quality at the moment is wonderful and Andreas and I did our best again today to find the best remaining lines down the mountain. Fortunately it’s been just Alpine for the most part over the past nine days and we’ve kept our tracks tight leaving ourselves enough space, but it is disappearing as more and more skiers are getting into the act.

Jim, who skied with me yesterday, left for Chamonix last night and this morning took one look at the place and turned around to come back so he could join us again tomorrow. Well done Jim!

Jean Marc and Olivier are here at the moment skiing with the Ski Club, and JM has a new photographic book full of stunning shots of his travels over the year, and his book will be available at the office. Pietro is also here and skiing with Fiona. Fiona was ill the other day so Pietro skied the Col du Montet then ‘skinned’ back over the Grand Torsai and skied down as far as he could before it became too rocky, then walked all the way back from the Pont St Charles. Blimey Pietro, that’s hard core! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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