A bit of snow and a bit of wind.....!

09 December 2014

After awaking to light snow and overcast skies I must admit to feeling like I’d run out of gas. The thought of flat light and dealing with the Ski Club, the army, and the Manchester Ski Club wasn’t very appealing, but I headed off hoping for the best. It was totally white and my mood wasn’t improving until we arrived at the Col and broke through into stunning sunshine, and the transformation into a keen and ready to rock-and-roll skier took about two seconds. There had been some northerly wind overnight, which blew some snow onto the lee slopes and into the gullies and we opened up straight off the chair into the Combe du 3300, which gave us strips of deep, light snow that were delightful. We then headed back up and skied the Pays Desert from the top of the t-bar and Michael, Jim, Luke and I had a great result when things weren’t looking very rosy early on.

It did snow in the village last night and with -17C on the glacier this morning it’s plenty cold enough and the snow cannons are blowing full blast. By the weekend we should have many more options and the general public will be much happier as well.

Thanks Johnny Alpine and Richard Finlay for a fantastic meal last night, and of course the footie!

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