Murky start-but a great result!

11 December 2014

I had a slight sense of humour failure this morning looking out into a grey, foggy, flat-light day, plus it was cold and windy. But I harboured hope that we’d break through the cloud again as we’ve fortunately done several times this week already and again it looked bleak all the way to the Col before the clouds started to thin out. Instantly my spirits soared as we had options, one of which wasn’t going to be stuck on the piste all morning. There was still a thick sea-of-cloud below so I didn‘t go over the Col Pers but instead stayed high and we had a great ski in the Pays Desert with very little walking. (See photos)

I seem to be having trouble with my answer machine as a French voice that isn’t suppose to be there answers and invites a message that I never receive. It’s strange but if you’ve tried to contact me I’m not ignoring you, seriously! I’ll try to get it sorted as soon as possible.

And thanks to Johnny Alpine for a great football match last night. Joe Hart was fantastic and kept City in the game until they could finally score, and then played brilliantly as Roma pressed with intent right to the end.

PS It seems my home phone is not working at all so either Skype or use my mobile number please. (O6 20 11 06 07)

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