Surprisingly good after the wind!

14 December 2014

It’s not getting any easier but at least the sun was in-and-out this morning and the visibility was enough to get stuck in and have a go. I’ve been skiing with between 2 and 4 most of the winter and having a small team makes it much easier to sneak a line through the rocks, but today I had a full group and the team skied brilliantly when the going was tricky. Bravo to Jean, Michael, Johnny Alpine, Jean-Eves and Robert and Caroline on their first morning of the season. We skied an excellent Pays Desert before finishing with the top of the Marmottes before cutting back to the Solaise piste, which is still closed but ski-able. It’s a bit annoying as there is plenty of man-made snow on it but they haven’t yet made the effort to get it open. (Must be concentrating on the World Cup?)

JM and Olivier finished their week with the Ski Club yesterday and I spotted Oli teaching yesterday afternoon and he was doing a terrific job. It looked to me as if he’s invented a new exercise, which was excellent, and I thought he was running a brilliant class. Bravo Oli! Jean Marc and Olivier are now skiing the rest of next week with some of their touring regulars.

Babette (Elizabeth who used to work with Henry years ago) had an unfortunate accident a few days ago while skiing with the Ski Club. She hit a patch of horribly icy man-made snow on the piste and fell over and broke her leg. She’s out for the season and everyone at Alpine wishes her well.

I must run as I’m off to Johnny Alpine’s for a burger and to watch Man U v Liverpool. Stay tuned!

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