Tough day-Good result!

16 December 2014

Unfortunately we experienced the worst light of the season making for the toughest morning so far, but all the teams made the best of it and we had a pretty good ski. Andreas, Chris and I all headed to Tignes for the first time this season and I was staggered by how little snow there is on that side of the mountain. I hit more rocks today (many on the piste) than I’ve hit all season up until now, and I had a good ‘park-and-fly’ to boot. Still, we managed to get up the Motte and break through the dense cloud which had been making life difficult, and we profited with an excellent ski. It then cleared just enough for us to have a go off the piste Genepy to finish off the morning with a little adventure. Although it was a tricky morning 13-year-old Douglas, who was skiing his first morning off-piste, gave the morning 10/10. I say, that boy can ski with me anytime!

JM and Olivier headed up to the Fornet and I’ve no idea how they got on. Hopefully the fog wasn’t as thick up there because it did make for a difficult morning, and would have seriously complicated their touring plans.

It did snow five cm’s or more last night and it did soften the feel underfoot as well as make the resort look a bit more normal. Hopefully we’ll get some more snow over the next few days, which will help the piste skiing enormously with the Christmas rush right around the corner. Stay tuned!

And thank you Michael for a great meal last night at the Cinq Freres. If you’re looking for a nice honest traditional French restaurant, give it a try. It was formally the Belle Vue and is located just behind Jean Sports.

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