ABS Recall!

21 December 2014

ABS have recalled some of their airbags and below is a response from Andreas:

Ok, many of you would have now heard about the recall of metal bottles
for the abs bags. I have just spoken to one of the main developers of
this system so here’s a bit of help and explanation. Yes, it’s true
that in 1 out of 100000 steel bottles there could be a default that
would cause a problem the SECOND time you pull your bag. There is
however a very easy way to check that your base system is working fine
and could even cope with a default bottle. So, to cut a long story
short, yes, if you have a black steel bottle in your bag it will be
replaced by ABS. But, we know that there’s not enough bottles around
in Europe to change all at the same time so instead of risking
spending the winter waiting for a new one, we suggest you have it
checked to make sure it could take even a default bottle and then
you’re ok for the winter and then have it changed over the summer
months. We will try to organize a day in Val next week where you can
come and have your system checked for free so you can relax so more
info on that later. I do enforce that if you have a carbon bottle ,
there is no problem. Hope this helps you all and contact us if any
other questions, we feel ABS way of communicating this is very bad
although we do enjoy their products and want to be assured they work
100% ! Andreas , alpine experience !

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