Off to the airport!

21 December 2014

Last night’s prize-giving was great entertainment and there is no doubt that Lindsay Vonn is the star attraction on the Women’s World Cup Circuit. Pure class, even if we’re unsure about her taste in men! Her next win will place her tied for the all-time lead with 62 wins on the Women’s Tour. Did I mention class?

Anyway, I’m going into ‘code mode’ as the resort is filling up and our powder stashes are becoming rarer, so I’ll let the photos do the talking. Today had Andreas, Oli and I all in the same sector, while Chris was out with Suzanne exploring. Thomas has been out of action as his newly-born daughter Elisa has been having some respiratory problems and Thomas is spending time with his family. We all wish little Elisa a speedy recovery.

I’m off to finalise my preparations before heading down to Geneva to pick up Gill, Millie, Katie, and Red Ray.

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