Merry Christmas to you all!

24 December 2014

Well, yesterday you’ll have noticed that I didn’t post a report and usually that means something happened. And yesterday afternoon while skiing off-piste with Gill I committed the stupidest mistake I’ve made in ages. While traversing on the flats off the Verte I had my head up looking into the distance for a line to ski and skied into a gravel patch. My skis stopped immediately and I went flying into the gravel patch landing on my hands and elbow. There were some sharp rocks which cut through my new uniform jacket, my new base under-layer, and split open the back of my elbow to the bone. Fortunately it didn’t really hurt and Gill and I continued on skiing but I could feel my elbow and clothes were damp, and when we got home Gill had a look, made a funny face and said, “Jesus, you need stitches”. The local doctor had a look and sent us straight down to Bourg where we spent five hours but received excellent treatment. I was extremely lucky to not have broken any bones or done ligament or tendon damage, or damaged the joint, and I was back skiing pain-free this morning. Lucky, lucky boy!

I’d like to give Penny a mention as the past few days have benn hard work and she’s walked well and stuck at it. Bravo Penny! Today’s photos are up as the boys continue to do the business in toughening conditions and the forecast is for some snow at the weekend.

Merry Christmas to you all and I’m looking forward to my first Christmas with my girls! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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