The sky was much clearer than forecast this morning.......

04 December 2008

The sky was much clearer than forecast this morning, especially towards the Fornet so it was time for our first Col Pers of the season. We had the place to ourselves, from the bus to the only ones on the cable car, and we didn’t see anyone else until meeting a lady walking near the Pont St. Charles. On top of the solitude, the snow was wonderful from top to bottom, and John, Margaret, Ray and Robert left perfect tracks on a clean canvas. It’s a privilege to be here at this time of year and what a reward for those who are here at the moment. It was forecast to close in over the morning and start snowing this afternoon with 50 cm’s expected by morning, but it cleared slightly towards the end of the morning and as I write at 3:30PM there is too much blue sky about. Never mind, there is still time for the snow to arrive before the morning.

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