Murky start turning to clear blue skies!

25 December 2014

It’s been a great day starting off with the girls opening their stocking presents in bed before I headed off to the Gourmandine to meet the boys are our Christmas skiers. JM, Chris, Andreas and I all headed up to the Fornet and went over the Col in pretty murky conditions, but the light improved rapidly and by the end of the morning we were in full sunshine. It was lovely to have Jean’s daughter Cathie along this morning and she thoroughly enjoyed herself, and all the teams had an excellent ‘Christmas ski’.

It’s the first Christmas that the girls have spent here and we had a fantastic time opening presents this afternoon and we’re looking forward to the rest of the day’s festivities.

Stay tuned for more skiing news tomorrow, check the photos and Facebook page, and have a great finish to your Christmas celebrations.

And thanks Suzanne for taking care of the shop tonight!

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