Thinking of you David!

26 December 2014

It was -19C this morning and the Andreas, Chris and I headed to the Crete du Genepy for not only a change of scenery but for the warmth. The views were great and it was nice after all this time to have a different vista, but the snow wasn’t as good as it could have been so we changed sector and headed towards the Manchet, where we knew the snow was excellent. We’d spotted that they’d made snow to the bottom so instead of skiing down part way and ‘skinning’ back out we skied almost to the bottom before cutting out and escaping down the piste. It was a cracking result and a fantastic ending to the morning, and I skied a few turns for David today. (see photos)

Thomas skied for the first time this season as Elisa is much better and out of the hospital. He skied the Col Pers/Grand Vallon route before joining us in the Marmottons, and his clients were well pleased with their morning. Welcome back Thomas!

Forty to fifty centimetres of snow is forecast for tonight and into tomorrow, so cross your fingers on that one

And thanks Laura for a stunning meal and evening last night.

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