Happy New Year!

31 December 2014

It as another beautiful day and Thomas, Andreas and I went for the ‘change-of-scenery’ option and skied a run on the Fornet Glacier and one in the Arcelle, and although some of it was tough skiing it was a pretty good outing.

This afternoon a skied with John, Tom, Guy, Ian, Miles and Elliot and after 45-minutes of technique we headed up to ski the Borsat Nord from the top as an introduction to off-piste. They all did really well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately on the way home at 4:45 I fell on the ice and landed heavily on my elbow. Ouch! Gill was worried that I’d burst the interior stitches and sent me off to Doctor Laura, who just happens to have two lovely Australian A&E Doctors staying with her. After a group examination they sent me off to Doctor Al’s for some anti-biotics as they were worried that the elbow was a little warm and might be showing signs of infection.

Anyway, Al says I can have a couple of drinks so I’m off to Penny’s annual drinks party. Happy New Year to you all!

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