As close to a 'stinker' as you can get!

04 January 2015

The 20cm’s we were counting on overnight didn’t materialize and with ferocious winds and very little open it was a rather tough morning. The wind had blown the piste back to ice in places followed by drifts and with flat-light conditions and very limited options we decided to call it a morning by 11AM, which is a rare occurrence. (And no photos today)

It did snow lightly during the day right up to about 3PM so we’ll have better luck tomorrow as sunshine is forecast. Had we had some vis today and some choices we could have had a good ski as we did find some nice creamy snow in the lee. Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow!

Millie has spent the afternoon packing with her roommates Charlotte and Carla and she seems ready to go off to her boarding school in Bourg tomorrow. They’ve all gone off ice skating while Katie is also preparing for her first day back and has played with Maddie this afternoon before going out on a ‘wander’

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