That's more like it!

05 January 2015

The sun was shining again and after a couple of days of dealing with a funny tummy I felt wonderful today and was really in the mood. (Especially after yesterday!) Anyway, Chris, Andreas, Henry and I all headed to the sunny slopes in Tignes to ski creamy snow in the lee and everyone had a fantastic morning. It was fairly fast ‘maximum’ turn type skiing as my team skied one off the Verte, two Bonnvie’s drags, the lower Borsat, the Genepy, the Cairn, the Campanules and the Familial to finish, all by 12:45. All the boys skied similar runs and a terrific morning was enjoyed by all.

I had an excellent technique lesson with Anna and Jenni this afternoon and the ladies took my stitches out for me afterwards. Both are Casualty Doctors in Sydney are were happy with the state of my elbow as far as healing and no infection goes. Great news and thanks very much you two!

The big news of the day was Millie’s first day at French boarding school as Gill drove Millie and her friend Charlotte down at 6:45 this morning. We thought that Millie would have a wobble at some stage but she was incredibly brave right to the end and eventually said, “I think you should go now Mummy!” I think the entire process was harder on Gill than Millie and Gill is now desperate for a text or phone call to see how Millie’s day went. Katie was also brave this morning as Ray and Patricia helped to get her sorted this morning.

Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow.

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