More fun in the sun!

07 January 2015

It was another cracking day in the mountains with beautiful sunshine, wonderful snow and very few people off-piste. Thomas, Chris and I all headed to the Fornet and Thomas went over the Col Pers with his team while Chris and I skied the top third of the Col Pers before ‘skinning’ back up to ski the Lechoir. It was great snow top-to-bottom (see photos) with lovely ambience. Meanwhile, Andreas headed to Tignes and climbed up to ski the Chardonnet couloir followed by the Sache, and his team had an excellent morning as well.

Yesterday I wrote about the snow-pack and needing to stay on gentler slopes for the most part but there are a few places such as the Borsat Nord and Chardonnet couloir that have been ski-compacted by heavy traffic during the winter, which has helped to stabilise these slopes. Andreas also put an explanation on Facebook so that you don’t think he’s being a renegade!

The people skiing the Charvet yesterday set off some plaques around the exit gulley (skiers left) that separates the upper and lower slopes. I’d noticed them yesterday but didn’t know whether the three plaques had been triggered before, during, or after their decent. Apparently it was during!

Gill and I had a great time skiing with the girls this afternoon. We skied some piste mixed with some nice off-piste off the Genepy, and it was wonderful to have our first proper family ski of the season.

Unfortunately the missing 18-year-old British lad who went missing two nights ago has been found dead this afternoon in the gorge at La Daille. He had been highly intoxicated and had lost his way trying to get home.

And to finish off with some wonderful news, Millie is absolutely loving her new school and has settled in beautifully. What a relief for Gill who has been worried about it for months! She has met some new friends, loves the food and her room, and is totally unfazed by being in a school with 2000 children. Bravo Millie! And well done to Katie as well who has also settled back in at her school here in Val d’Isere.

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