A cracking Crete!

08 January 2015

We decided on a change of scenery and Thomas, Chris and I headed towards the Crete du Genepy for the first time this season (except for one aborted mission earlier in the season) and the plan was to ski to the bottom and out through the Charvet. With the rotten snowpack there were numerous plaques that had popped out spontaneously so again the warning signs were there against skiing anything steep with virgin snow, so we played it as safe as possible and enjoyed a fantastic ski. (See photos) There was enough wind-compressed snow that was lovely to ski and stopped us from dropping into the underlying gobelet. The skiing was good until almost the bottom when we needed to be careful of the rocks and just pick our way down slowly for 300 metres or so. It was Gill’s first off-piste session of the season and her first time in touring boots, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Meanwhile, Andreas had the morning off so he rounded up some seasonaires, including Olivier’s son Sasha, and headed up to the Col des Fours on a reconnaissance mission. They made it up to the Col via the ridge by 11 o’clock, which is pretty good going, and we met them at the Manchet chair around noon. Nice one boys! (I haven’t had a snow report from Andreas but he’s no serving hot wine for the animation tonight so I can’t call him at the moment.)

It’s possible that we’ll see a few flakes tonight and the wind is unfortunately forecast to increase so we’ll wait and see what tomorrow brings. Fingers crossed!

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