Boy, that was fun!

10 January 2015

It was a morning with low expectations and tough conditions, such as wind, flat-light, and ridiculously warm temperatures, but everyone was at the Gourmandine ready to go. The best thing about ‘low expectations’ is that any kind of positive result is a winner, and thoroughly appreciated and today turned out to be a terrific morning and a lot of fun. We had a good test off the Verte but the Borsat was slow to open due to wind so we worked on some technique, which at this stage looked like the theme of the morning. But we had good skiing under the Mont Blanc chair, in the Combe des Lanches, the Campanules and three variations in the Familial as the light started to improve, mixed in with pistes that felt like great spring snow when forced on-piste due to fog. Andreas, Chris and my teams all enjoyed a great morning when things weren’t looking very rosy at the Gourmandine, and I’d describe this morning as fun!

Come on you Hammers!

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