That was impressive!

11 January 2015

I awoke to rain this morning but by 8AM it had turned to snow and I arrived at the Gourmandine to meet Frans and Michael feeling that we had a chance for another good morning. Unfortunately it was blowing a gale and the opening was even more limited than yesterday, and you know you’re in trouble when Bonnevie’s Drag closes! Anyway, Michael, Frans and I had a go and enjoyed some good skiing up until 10:30 when the wind intensified and lifts started to close. It just wasn’t worth risking an injury so we had a beep search then called it a morning around 11 o’clock. Thomas, Andreas, Chris and Henry were all off and as far as days off go, it was a good one to take!

Millie went off with the Club des Sports this morning to learn to snowboard and needless to say she was happier than I was! She and all her Club pals were pretty excited about having a go so who am I to rain on their parade? Still, I don’t have to like it!

I forgot my camera today, which is unfortunate as the ambience up on the mountain was pretty impressive but Gill did get a photo of Millie and Katie and I took some shots this afternoon.

Sun and colder temperatures are forecast for the next two days followed by some snow on Wednesday. Sounds good to me!

PS Millie came home happy but her friend Charlotte broke her arm! Now I’m even less happy!

PSS Check out Henry’s website for a video clip of last week’s avalanche on the Foglietta. Impressive and scary!

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