First Mont Roup of the season!

13 January 2015

The sun was shining again but the wind was still a factor, and to make matters worse the wind has swung around from the south. I’d thought about skiing the Sache today but Andreas said that the first entrance slope was sheet ice and not very pleasant, so I then decided to try the Crete du Genepy instead. After the Borsat traverse my mind changed for the third time as we’d ski variations of the Crete twice last week so we continued on to try Mont Roup for the first time this season. I was expecting some strips here and there but there was very little accumulation as the wind seemed to have whipped all the loose snow away. It was probably my toughest morning of the season snow-wise but the team did the business and we made the most of it. (See photos) Bravo to all those involved for a great effort! Meanwhile, Chris skied Mont Roup as well, Thomas skied the Crete du Genepy and Andreas was over in Tignes with Peter B.

Snow is forecast for Thursday, which is seriously good news and tomorrow should be interesting as the forecast is calling for one of those in-between mornings! Wish us luck but we’ll come up with something!

PS We have quite a ‘sick list’ at the moment with Jean out for a week, Dave out for a few days as well, and this morning Ian, Murray and Frans all called in ill. To top it off Chris went down on the climb up Mont Roup and is having trouble breathing and will not be able to ski for a few days. Blimey, count your blessings!

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