A window of opportunity!

15 January 2015

The sun was shining this morning and with snow and wind forecast to return on Friday there was a window of opportunity to ski at the Fornet. After the fierce wind over the past several days Thomas and I weren’t too sure what we’d find but felt there would be pockets of snow here and there, but the snow was stunning and we enjoyed one of the best mornings of the season. My team opened the Combe du Signal, then the Combe 3300, and when we came back around for another round no one had followed us in. Brilliant! At this stage we met up with Thomas who was just finishing the Pays Desert and together we headed over the Col Pers, which was fantastic top-to-bottom.

Meanwhile Andreas had some new clients and introduced them to the Borsat, Chardonnet, Sache and Familial. Nice one boys! Chris is still off but will hopefully return tomorrow and I’m not too sure what Henry is up to these days. TJ arrives on Saturday so we’re all looking forward to seeing him!

I’d like to give Sue D a mention as she skied brilliantly today. She’s improved enormously over the past few weeks and has gone from being a little rushed and panicky to being relaxed and controlled, and able to side-slip in the powder when needed. I was really impressed with her progress and bravo Sue!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow as duty calls!

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