The Flying Dutchman!

16 January 2015

After yesterday’s superb morning in beautiful sunshine and wonderfully proper powder it was back to reality today as it was overcast with a strong foehn wind blowing, and although a return to the Fornet was tempting, shelter from the wind and better visibility in Tignes won out. Chris, Andreas and I all headed to the Sache via the Lower Borsat and the skiing was much tougher today than a couple of days ago. The upper gullies and slope in the Sache were tricky today, but once off the big slope it was much better skiing, although it was ‘skiers’ snow which needed application but good skiing nontheless. We then finished off a pretty good morning with a decent Familial.

I’d like to mention Frans’ performance this morning as the Dutchman picked up a ‘skier of the morning’ award. He skied very positively with finesse and really showed the snow who’s boss, making the tougher pitches look much easier than they really were. Great effort and top marks Frans! (And well done Tom for a gritty ski as well!)

Dave D and Chris returned from the ‘ill-list’ and really enjoyed being on the mountain again and Andreas had a group of Australian teenagers on their first visit to Val d’Isere, and they thoroughly enjoyed their mountain experience.

It’s very warm in the village at the moment (2 o’clock) with light snow and the forecast is for snow the rest of the day and into the night. Fingers crossed on that one and hopefully the expected high winds won’t be too much of a factor for our skiing tomorrow. Stay tuned! (I forgot my camera today so no new photos posted)

PS Congratulations to my nephew Wils who at 17 passed his driving test at the first attempt. It can’t hurt the love life Wils!

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