Another wonderful day at the Fornet!

17 January 2015

After yesterday’s foehn wind we headed to the Fornet expecting more snow in the sector, and we weren’t let down. The Combe du Signal had 30cm’s or more and the Pissaillas was simply stunning. All the teams had a fantastic morning (see photos and Facebook) and there isn’t too much more you can say about a near-perfect morning, even if the light was pretty flat for the most part.

I also had a great afternoon of technique mixed with initiation with Mark and his lovely wife Jan. Jan is ready to go and will be joining TJ (who arrives tonight!) on Monday with Jenni and Anna.

It snowed most of the day and bright blue skies are forecast for tomorrow, and that adds up to a potential ‘maximum-turn’ morning!

I’ve been really busy and haven’t even checked the football scores yet so I’ll sign off for now!

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