Simply glorious!

18 January 2015

The sun returned and after a beautiful snowfall yesterday followed by a cold night conditions were absolutely perfect this morning. Andreas and I returned to the Fornet and enjoyed another brilliant day and after yesterday’s flat light it was nice to see the scenery that we missed. My team skied the Combe du Signal, the 3300, the Pays Desert and then finished a stunning morning with a wonderful Col Pers. Andreas’ team skied similar itineraries while Thomas’ team had a great ski in Tignes with the Borsat Nord, Chardonnet, Col du Palet, Cairn, and Familial. Wow, what a morning! (See photos and Facebook)

All I need now to round off a spectacular day would be a Hammers victory over Hull this afternoon. Come on boys, make my day!

Rumour has it we may see some serious snow over the next few days but conditions have improved drastically and if the wind stays away we’re in for some great skiing. Stay tuned!

PS TJ has arrived and is raring to go tomorrow!

PSS There were two guided groups caught in avalanches at the Fornet today, both off the Signal poma. One had two skiers taken in the Combe du Signal (where David was taken) and the second was in the Grand Vallon, out skiers right on the western slopes. No one was killed but the warning lights continue to flash!

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