Back to flat-light!

19 January 2015

It was back to flat light again today with a light foehn wind that didn’t really feature, and Chris and I headed back up to the Fornet. We ‘skinned’ for ten minutes to access the highest slope in the Pays Desert and then ‘skinned’ again later on to get the big slopes at the bottom. We were lucky with the vis as a ‘light bulb’ hung above us giving us just enough extra light to easily ski and navigate, and the snow is still excellent in that sector. (see photos) Meanwhile, TJ headed to Tignes with his initiation group and they had a great time and did really well considering the flat-light they had to deal with. Thomas was also in Tignes with his group and I haven’t yet had a report.

It was a busy day for the rescue services at the Fornet yesterday. Besides the two avalanches a 41-year-old died in a ‘speed-riding’ accident. (I believe ‘speed-riding’ is when they skim the surface of the snow at high speeds with a parapente.) The man involved hurtled into the rocks and died quickly from his injuries. It makes you realise that some days when it’s tough out there it’s just nice to get everyone back in one piece!

It was a great win for the Hammers yesterday as I watched the second half at the Pacific, and an even better wind for the Gunners. And Michael R was a happy boy this morning as his New England Patriots dismantled the Colts 45-7 in last night’s American League Play-off game!

Unfortunately it cleared up this afternoon, which will aid the trashing of the mountain this afternoon. Bummer!

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