What a pleasant surprise!

20 January 2015

We had an unexpectedly clear morning today and the entire team headed up to the Fornet to take advantage of the light and the brilliant snow conditions. Andreas and I skied a stunning Tour de Lechoir while Chris continued on for a wonderful Glaciers Pers. TJ took his initiation group over the Col, Henry skied the Col Pers as well and Thomas was also in the neighbourhood.

I’d like to give Dave D a mention for a ‘skier of the morning’ award. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so there isn’t any photographic proof of Dave’s exploits, and I was rather cross with myself because it was a photographer’s paradise this morning. The snow was fantastic, everyone was skiing well and looking their best, the backdrops were spectacular, and there was a mystical light that added to the ambience. (My team wasn’t too pleased with me either because there was an opportunity of some special photos, and everyone enjoys being on camera!) I’m sure Chris will post some photos later as he was snapping away all morning long!

A cloudy day is forecast for tomorrow, but who knows? They certainly had today’s forecast wrong!

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