Great skiing and ambience in the Fornet!

21 January 2015

The foehn wind was blowing again today and for the second day in a row we profited from better-than-expected light. Thomas, TJ, Chris and I all headed to the Fornet again as the snow up there is too good to miss, especially when some snow and a fresh canvas is expected by tomorrow. TJ skied the Lechoir while the rest of us continued on to the Glacier Pers, my first of the season, and it was excellent top-to-bottom. (see photos) We were protected from the wind until the Grand Torsai, where the easterly wind intensified turning a calm day into a ‘travelling safely in the mountains’ experience the rest of the way. It was a terrific morning of contrasts with superb snow and great skiing in decent light followed by ferocious winds, flat-light and hang on tight to the bottom! (Andreas had a mixed level group with time restrictions today and I’m not too sure what he skied.)

I had a lovely lunch with Gill, Millie and Katie at the Perdrix this afternoon and I must say it was excellent and very good value. The difference in price between lunch and dinner in this town is quite extraordinary and I can definitely recommend the Perdrix as a lunch venue.

Hopefully the forecasted snow will arrive tonight but it has calmed down this afternoon when we were expecting some snow. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS There were a couple of horrible accidents yesterday. One boarder was seriously injured in a collision around Solaise and was transported to Grenoble, and another boarder was taken in an avalanche in the Cugnai and also ended up in Grenoble.

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