Maybe the best?

22 January 2015

Well, if that wasn’t the best morning of the season it wasn’t too far off! We expected some fresh snow in the Fornet because of the east wind and cloud cover yesterday but we didn’t expect as much as 50cm’s of ultra-light powder. It was absolutely stunning and because of the cloud cover and flat-light we had the place to ourselves. Although the visibility wasn’t great there was just enough vis to navigate and ski comfortably, and Thomas, Chris, Andreas and my teams all profited from the fabulous snow and a ‘maximum-turn’ morning. (A 3300 and 3 in the Pays Desert ) It finally cleared around 11:30 and we finished the morning with bright blue skies, which was jolly good fun but won’t do much for tomorrow’s skiing as people will be following tracks this afternoon and the entire sector will be hit hard. Still, what a buzz this morning was and one for the memory bank!

Unfortunately I didn’t get many photos as it was too cold on bare fingers to start with, then my camera froze up and the battery died. Hopefully Thomas, Andreas or Chris will have taken some good shots today, and I know Frans will be posting a video on his Facebook page, so buddy up with Frans if you haven’t already done so!

Three days of blue skies are forecast so what a way for Michael to finish his two-month stint! Stay tuned!

On a terribly sad note, Graham Plant, who has been a regular in Val d’Isere for well over thirty years died peacefully on Tuesday night after a battle with cancer. Graham was a great character who was always jovial with a huge smile on his face. He was extremely positive and always had something nice to say. Graham was courageous until the end and he will be sadly missed by his many friends here in Val, and our hearts go out to his lovely wife Carole at this most difficult time.

PS Great video Frans!

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