Stunning weather, wonderful snow!

23 January 2015

It was a stunning day with beautiful clear blue skies and the entire team headed to the Fornet to make the most of the wonderful snow conditions. Chris and I dove over the Col right away and skied a lovely pitch before ‘skinning’ to the Lechoir, which was fabulous top-to-bottom. It was Jean’s first day back after a two week lay-off due to a chest infection and what a day to return! He was grinning from ear-to-ear and was also very pleased with his new Bonds. And what a day for Michael to finish his 55-day holiday! It’s scary how time flies when you’re enjoying yourself.

There has been a few more avalanches over the past few days and Andreas sent me a photo of one today in the Pays Desert above the cliffs. The accumulation was impressive by the time it arrived at the bottom and it did take out of few tracks. I’ll try to post it on the Photos of the Day.

Thomas tells me that the forecast is for cold weather over the next couple of days before a significant snowfall mid-week. Although the skiing has been brilliant this week the big picture calls for an old fashion storm where we get a couple of metres of snow and the place shuts down. No fun if you’re stuck or trying to travel but we do need some serious snow before the sun starts to heat up and the melting process begins.

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