It would have been a 'powder frenzy' today except the resort is still quiet

07 December 2008

It would have been a ‘powder frenzy’ today except the resort is still quiet, and we continued to ski great snow without pressure from other pleasure seekers. Pietro and I headed to Tignes via the Verte and Borsat and had great skiing in the Combe des Lanches and off the Genepy. It was hard work as being first onto slopes meant breaking trail at the bottom and Pietro and I shared the trail-breaking. Thanks Pietro! After a few days in white-out conditions it was nice to see the sun again and more of the same is forecast for tomorrow.

Sports Report- I’m pretty happy in my sporting world at the moment as the Calgary Flames have been winning of late, the Steelers are doing well, the Suns are winning a few basketball games, and the Hammers have kept three clean sheets in a row. Hopefully I haven’t jinxed anyone!

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