A lovely change of scenery!

24 January 2015

After seven wonderful consecutive days at the Fornet it was time for a change of venue so Chris and I headed up Bellevarde and on to the Crete du Genepy. With it being -16C at the Fornet this morning the Crete is always a good alternative when you want to stay warm and during the walk we all shed several layers. Although the snow wasn’t as deep as up at the Fornet the quality was excellent and everyone enjoyed a great morning. I forgot my camera again but Chris had his big camera with him and took quite a few shots, so everyone in both groups is hoping for a ‘keeper’ or two for their mantelpiece. (Chris is down in Bourg this afternoon so won’t be posting until later.) Meanwhile, Andreas had a new group today so he headed up to the fabulous snow in the Glaciers Pers, and TJ joined him with Craig.

We are being promised (which is always dangerous) a load of snow next Thursday. How much a ‘load’ is remains to be seen but the most optimistic guess so far is two metres. Blimey, I like that one!

Neutral sports fans everywhere will have enjoyed the nil-nil draw between Cambridge and United last night.

And happy birthday Jeremy and congratulations to you and Fay on the birth of your beautiful son Zac.

PS I have posted a few photos of Millie snowboarding this afternoon.

PSS What a thrilling afternoon of upsets in the FA Cup with Chelsea, Man City, Tottenham, and Southhampton all losing. I guess Man U will now be happy with their draw!

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