Pretty cold but with high quality snow!

25 January 2015

It was jolly cold this morning with -15C on the top of Bellevarde and -17C at the bottom of the Borsat Chair. I took it easy today as the team has been working fairly hard of late and the ten to fifteen centimetres of fresh snow certainly helped, although some places had significantly more snow than others. One bonus to this cold weather is that the snow is ridiculously light and everyone enjoyed the high quality snow again this morning. (See photos as I remembered by camera)

Chris headed back up to the Fornet with his new team and dove over the Col Pers for another good ski. He did get some nice photos from yesterday’s trip to the Crete du Genepy and will post some later. Andreas had a superb ‘skin’ and ski in the Col des Fours while TJ skied in Tignes with Russell. Henry was around the Bellevarde area and Thomas has had the weekend off.

I may sneak out to watch the Hammers FA Cup game, but I do feel nice and warm and cosy, so maybe not!

Hopefully we’ll get some sun in the morning so we can make the most of the day and fingers crossed for the snow on Thursday!

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