Tuesday afternoon beep sessions!

27 January 2015

It was a funny mix today of beautiful sunshine that had everyone oohhing and aahhing and fog that had everyone slightly in defensive-mode. There was also a strong north-westerly wind blowing, which turned out to be a factor for those heading to the Fornet. My plan was for a little ‘skin’ to the Crete du Genepy to shelter ourselves from the wind but that sector was in a fog and enough new snow had blown in overnight to give us some options so I headed to the Sache via the Lower Borsat. Some nice snow had blown into the Borsat but the Upper Sache was a little scratchy, although we were in full sunshine, which made it much easier. The middle slopes were excellent and skied beautifully before we dropped back into a fog for the way out. We then finished off the morning with a very good Familial, half in full sunshine and half in a fog! (See photos) Chris was in the neighbourhood as was Andreas, who skied the Chardonnet as well. TJ and Thomas headed to the Fornet but needed to turn back due to the wind with Thomas skiing off the Motte and I haven’t heard from TJ.

Chris and I were doing our community service this afternoon with the four-year-old school children. Blimey, they’re a handful but I did manage to get my group into a few centimetres off powder off the Verte!

Andreas and Thomas did a beep search today with the equipment that we bought with David’s fund money, and hopefully it will become a weekly feature on Tuesday afternoons. Olivier felt his life was saved in Greenland due to the teamwork of his clients, all of whom have trained quite extensively over the years. We feel that we should make more of an effort to train our clientele because when it hits the fan there are no second chances, and how many of us are really ready for the challenge?

Stay tune for more skiing news and photos tomorrow.

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