The snow has arrived and is still falling!

29 January 2015

The snow arrived during the night and we started off with 15 to 20cm’s to play with, but in protected areas there was a good 30 to 40cm’s, and with no delay in the opening all the teams had a superb morning. Andreas, Thomas and Henry started off towards the Fornet while Chris, TJ and I chose Bellevarde, and it was a ‘maximum-turn’ morning of high quality. (See photos) Blimey, it was good! Unfortunately Dave H hurt his knee getting off the Lanches chair and injured it badly enough to be carted off the mountain by the pisteurs. What a bummer!

I must say how impressed I am with Geoff D’s new knees. He has two artificial joints and is skiing like a demon. I also witnessed his ‘splat of the season’ last year and watched him bounce back up, dust himself off, and carry on! Cheers to modern medicine!

Our afternoon with the school children was cancelled so Andreas, Thomas, Chris, TJ and I had lunch together, which doesn’t happen very often these days and it was nice to have a little ‘social’.

It’s still snowing and we are definitely heading towards an important snowfall that will help set up the rest of the winter. Bring it on!

I must run as I want to go up and see how Dave is doing. What a shame as he’s a great skier and loves every minute of it. These chairlift accidents are quite common so always pay attention when getting off a chair, especially if it’s fully loaded!

And happy birthday to Chris and Grandpa Fred. Many happy returns to you both!

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