Serious winds at altitude!

30 January 2015

With the strongest gusts last night clocked at 114kph there was no chance of a straight forward opening like we had yesterday, and sure enough we had a little waiting around to do this morning. We stood around for a bit, then did some beeper work, watched a little tennis, and just about the time we were about to give up the Funival opened and we all made the first trip. The wind was ferocious at the top, about the limit to be able to open, and anyone with exposed ski had frostbite. Down to the Folie Douce was about keeping the group together and getting down in one piece but the lower slopes were excellent and made most people want to go up for more. Bravo to all of those who persevered and I must say that there was a lot less exposed skin on show the second time around!

I checked my heelpiece settings to find one was on zero and the other on three! (What a berk!) No wonder I’ve been walking out of my skis while breaking trail lately and I experienced a premature ‘park-and-fly’ this morning. My face went in rendering my googles useless and after skiing around in a fog I ended the morning back in my sunglasses!

It’s snowing lightly at the moment (2:25PM) but another 25cm’s are expected this evening. It’s fantastic to see the place resembling a winter wonderland again and it’s always nice for people to experience a proper storm as well. I might go out and get some photos of the village to add to the skiing shots but I’m pretty cosy at the moment!

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