Calm after the storm!

31 January 2015

After two days of snow with ferocious winds clocked at 114kph we unexpectedly awoke to clear blue skies and not a breath of wind. Not surprisingly we dealt with a mix of conditions from thick and ‘educational’ to compressed and creamy, and in well protected areas the snow was wonderful, but it was all ski-able and made for a cracking morning. The opening was shockingly slow but the boys made the best of it until we could spread our wings and move further afield. We started off around the Fontaine Froide and Face du Bellevarde before skiing Bonnevie’s Drag and then under the Mont Blanc chair. Andreas, Chris and I arrived in Val Claret via the Campanules before skiing the Genepy off the Motte. By this time the Chardonnet had been opened up so Chris and Andreas had a run there while I skied the meadows under the Balme, and we all finished with a funky Familial. It turned out to be a bit of a ‘maximum-turn’ morning, even with the slow opening, and for the most part the snow was excellent! (See photos and sorry Mike, I seem to have missed you!)

The risk was 4/5 today and with 80cm’s to a metre of fresh snow on a rotten base none of us were too interested in taking on big slopes and we had great skiing without risk. The Campanules had safe routes down without exposure and the boys waited for the Chardonnet couloir to be skied before deciding to have a go. The rest of it was all cruising on gentle to moderate slopes and we covered a lot of ground. Thomas and Henry were also in action but I’m not too sure what they skied, and TJ was off today, but almost certainly skiing with his mates Russell, Delores and Jeff.

At 2:30PM the sky is overcast and it looks as if it will start snowing at any minute. Brilliant! And come on you Hammers!

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