Wind and -15C on the summit of Bellevarde!

01 February 2015

We had about ten centimetres of fresh snow overnight and in protected areas there was a nice accumulation that made for some lovely skiing. The avalanche risk is still 4/5, and with several avalanches yesterday it is clear that caution and patience are a must and will be for some time to come. Andreas headed up Solaise en route to the Fornet while Henry and I skied the Bellevarde/Tommeuses sectors, and with the wind blowing at altitude there wasn’t a lot open but we all managed an excellent morning. (See photos)

It’s still snowing at 1:50PM with 20cm’s expected and another cloudy day with off-and-on snow is forecast for tomorrow.

Sports Report- It was a bad day for the Hammers yesterday but an even worse day for Andy Murray today who was taken apart by one of the greatest players of all-time in Novak Djokovic. The press seem to be on Andy’s case but the lad has done extremely well to just get to the final and playing in an era with Roger, Rafa, and Novak can’t be easy. And good luck Michael tonight in the Superbowl!

Stay tuned for more skiing news tomorrow and all the team will be back in action.

PS Have a look at Henry’s blog and Facebook regarding the horrible hit-and-run collision that happened a couple of weeks ago. Horrible doesn’t even start to describe it!

PSS I spent the afternoon clearing the terrace with Gill and Millie before Mils and I continued on and started our Snow Palace. Then Katie came home with her friend Anna and they’ve been out there playing in the snow for nearly two hours. Brilliant!

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