The 8th was another sunny day with outstanding snow conditions

08 December 2008

The 8th was another sunny day with outstanding snow conditions. I started with the Face du Charvet, which was superb, followed by a very good Tour du Charvet and then we finished with a great run off the front of the Borsat. John and Margaret picked up joint ‘skier of the morning awards’ for solid performances on the Face. Henry was lucky enough to arrive at the Signal Poma just as they opened it for he season, and Andreas, Jean Marc, Olivier, Pietro, Thomas, and guest guides Sebastien and Didier all had brilliant outings. Pietro and Fiona ‘skinned’ to Mont Roup and had a stunning ski without another soul in sight. I’d like to remind everyone about Louise who has taken over Sue’s Bonne Sante, as she is excellent and has a very good team with her as well. Thanks Louise for the treatment over the past few days. Ray and I went down the valley and spent three hours in a builder’s merchants choosing everything we hopefully need to finish our project. Unfortunately for me after a perfect day I decided to watch a woeful West Ham lose to Tottenham, who are starting to look a pretty tough side. More sun is forecast for tomorrow.

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