Just like old times!

03 February 2015

I was tempted to head back to the Fornet as it was so good yesterday, but at the last minute decided to ski the Sache with TJ. We had fun off the Verte and a really good Lower Borsat before I had one of my worst ‘splat du jour’s’ in years on the piste into Val Claret. I was skiing the edge of the piste where the wind had blown in a nice cushion of snow and because of the drifting snow I couldn’t see the rock-hard drift that I pranged into causing a park-and-fly of the highest quality. I landed on my shoulder, jaw, lips and nose and the force threw my extra beep out of my rucksack. Blimey! The bleeding stopped fairly quickly but I’d better start behaving as my luck isn’t going to last forever! Anyway, on to the Chardonnet, which was excellent top-to-bottom and deeper than expected. We then skied a few good turns on the edge of the Tourne en route to a cracking good Sache followed by bits-and-pieces on the way home. (see photos) Thomas skied in Tignes as well although we didn’t cross paths and it was great skiing in the same sectors as TJ again, which reminded me of old times. (You’re still a piece of work TJ!) Meanwhile, Chris, Andreas and Henry all headed back up to the Fornet and everyone enjoyed another terrific morning up there.

I was back on community service with the school children this afternoon and it was a brilliant session and really good fun. Instead of 8 four-year-olds I had 4 five-year olds and the difference in a year was startling. They could carry their own gear, put their own skis on, and skied jolly well allowing us to manage some good mileage. It really topped off a great day!

A little snow is forecast tonight with another flat-light day tomorrow, which everyone knew so we all tried to milk today to the maximum. Stay tuned!

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