Much better than expected visibility!

04 February 2015

We had a bonus day of decent light and at times sunshine this morning, which wasn’t expected and really helped to make the morning. I was 50/50 between the Pays Desert and Lechoir and at the last moment dove over the Col Pers with TJ and Chris and after a short ‘skin’ skied the Lechoir. It was very atmospheric with wonderful light and pretty good snow, but not as good as I was hoping. (With hindsight the Pays Desert would have been better) However, I was extremely pleased with how the Grand Torsai skied as it firmed up overnight with the wind and was fairly smooth with a lovely chalky texture. It hasn’t been that pleasant for quite some time and was much better than anticipated. (I then finished off with a really good Jardin du Borsat.) Meanwhile, TJ and Chris continued on from the Lechoir and ‘skinned’ to the Glaciers Pers while Andreas had an excellent morning in the Pays Desert. Thomas and Henry were also in action and as far as I know Thomas was heading to the Sache.

Millie and Katie are out this afternoon with Russell and Delores, which should be great fun for all those involved. (Gill and I weren’t invited) They were very excited and what a foursome!

Hopefully we’ll get some snow at the Fornet with this east wind and with any decent vis we should have another great day tomorrow.

PS Late news- Andreas managed to set off his air-bag in a resturant today, which is always entertaining and usually leads to someone spitting out their food with fright! And Russell had a bear break into his home in Lake Tahoe.

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