Hard work but great skiing!

05 February 2015

TJ’s time is running out as he leaves on Saturday so I thought I’d keep him company today, and we had a fantastic morning skiing a mini-Crete du Genepy followed by Mont Roup. We worked hard for our turns but the snow was excellent and we had beautiful and atmospheric light all morning. (see photos) Unfortunately when we arrived in the Manchet Valley the Manchet Chair was closed so we needed to push out against the wind, but that didn’t dampen the feeling of accomplishment!

The rest of the boys headed towards Tignes with Andreas skiing the Chardonnet and Sache with Ian and Tansy, while Thomas skied the Sache, and I’m not too sure where Chris and Henry ended up. The light was better than expected and everyone had a cracking good morning with great vis (for a grey day) and lovely snow.

I finished my community service with the school children today and it was a pleasure to ski with them as they laughed and sang all afternoon. I should explain ‘community service’. It’s because we have a choice of various activities to help the commune and in return we get our ski passes for free. It’s not because I’ve been done for drinking-and-driving or being drunk and disorderly. Just in case you were wondering!

It snowed all day towards the Fornet and it’s snowing lightly in town at 4:50PM so if the wind doesn’t become a factor we should have another brilliant ski tomorrow.

PS Suzanne reports a big day for herself, Chris and Tejina as they skied the Chardonnet, Sache, five circuits on the Tourne and no lunch! Blimey, hard core!

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