Well done Richard!

07 February 2015

When Gill and I walked home from TJ’s last supper last evening (thanks Laura) the wind was howling through the street and sure enough the wind did some damage during the night. It wasn’t as sunny as expected this morning but the vis was still much better than what we’ve been dealing with these past few days and everyone was raring to go at the Gourmandine. We decided on a change of scenery while giving the Fornet a chance to open and started with our first Tour du Charvet of the season. The snow had been ‘touched’ during the night and needed a positive approach but it was still good skiing and great to be out in that wonderful scenery again. Next up was the Arcelle, which was much better and we then worked our way to the Fornet, where the Combe du Signal was deep and by far the best snow on the mountain, followed by a very good Combe du 3300 on the Glacier. Chris, Andreas, Thomas and Henry were all in the same neighbourhood and a great morning was enjoyed by all.

It was great to have Richard H along today as we haven’t really skied off-piste together for years, as well as John, Margaret, Jean and newcomers Julia and Kirsten. Everyone did extremely well as it wasn’t the easiest morning but we did visit some stunning places and it was a cracking good outing.

Sunshine is expected tomorrow and with a cold night some of the trickier snow should improve, so we will be looking for another excellent ski. Stay tuned and come on you Gunners! (My second team)

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