An excellent Sachette!

08 February 2015

The sun was out in full force this morning and Chris and I had planned on a trip to the Fornet, but there were signs of strong winds (see photos) and Radio Val had announced 50 to 80kph of northerly wind so we changed our minds and headed to the Sachette instead. We warmed up off the Verte then I skied the Lower Borsat while Chris went in from the top and the snow was excellent. We then headed to my first Sachette of the season and it was wonderful to be out there again. The scenery was stunning and the snow was beautiful as well.

Chris had Roddy Finlay and his family and it’s great to see them back. Little Callum is now huge and it reminds you of how time flies! Matthew S is also back in town and I skied with John, Margaret, Jean, Richard H and Lizzy this morning. It was Lizzy’s first off-piste session and she made great progress during the morning and was admiring her tracks by the end. Bravo Lizzy! And well done Richard, who has skied himself back into fitness and is thoroughly enjoying being off-piste again.

West Ham play Man U this afternoon and I just might sneak out to watch some of it. Come on boys, top off a brilliant day with a point or three!

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