Bravo Katie!

10 February 2015

Chris and I decided on a mini-Crete du Genepy en route to Mont Roup today and the mini-Crete was excellent and a real bonus. The snow was beautiful as we worked our way down before putting on our ‘skins’ for Mont Roup. Mont Roup itself was very good as well, especially the lower section beside the gorge, but I was surprised at how much the snow higher up had warmed up, making choice of exposition imperative. It was a terrific outing and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

It was quite amazing the signs of avalanche activity today and it’s been a long time since we’ve witnessed so much dropping off on every exposition. Some of the purging happened last week, such as above the Borsat traverse and the upper slopes of the Crete du Genepy but much of it has occurred during the past couple of days, especially around the Col de la Balme de L’Ours and the entire width of the lower slopes on the Lores. Plaques have popped out of the Arcelle and Cugnai and in general the big slopes are still dodgy, just as they have been all winter long, but people continue to attack the big slopes as if the mountain is stable. And at around 12:30 some skiers set off a huge plaque in a notoriously dangerous zone from the summit in the Col des Fours. (Notice the signs of activity in the various photos today)

Andreas did have a fantastic ski in the Col des Fours today but he stuck to the gentler slopes and well away from the danger. They even skied in some tracked snow on one pitch and weren’t enticed towards the untracked snow, which is always tempting. Well done Andreas! Henry had a lovely morning as well and as far as I know he skied towards the Sachette, while Thomas was off this morning.

I had a technique lesson this afternoon with none other than John Yates-Smith, his girlfriend Lizzie and Quentin. It was great to have John along and hopefully we can turn him from a mogul-masher into a ‘powder-hound’! Come on John!

And my best news of the day is Katie getting her Fleche d’Argent in the Club des Sport race this morning. It was a fantastic achievement as she is very light and doesn’t glide as well as some of the bigger children, and she was really proud of herself and very surprised. Bravo Katie!

And Happy Belated Birthday Nana. Whoops!

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