A beautiful morning with great skiing!

13 February 2015

The forecast was for clouds moving in as the morning progressed and at 9:30 the sky was darkening rapidly and I was thinking that we’d already seen the best of the day, but suddenly the sky brightened and we all enjoyed a beautifully sunny morning. We made the most of it with Andreas skiing the Crete du Genepy in excellent conditions before circling back to ski the Col Pers, where he needed to ‘sniff’ out the best of what’s left. Meanwhile Chris and I skied a lovely Pays Desert before ‘skinning’ back out, followed by an equally good Tour du Lechoir, which caused us both to be late getting down.

I was a little annoyed by some boarders ruining the ‘skinning’ track. If they’re going to ski off-piste they should be equipped with rackets so that they can make their own track. (Sometimes it’s unequipped skiers as well) Once holes have been punched into the ‘skinning’ track it becomes very uncomfortable as well as horrible to look at, and making a new track isn’t always an option. I wish these unequipped boarders and skiers would f-off and get off my mountain!

Katie and her friend Anna talked their coach into taking them down the Piste Perdue, which I told them would be horrible, and sure enough it was worse than horrible! They had a great time but apparently it was pretty scary and quite dangerous in one spot, and they were all happy to get down in one piece. (Millie’s group also ended up in the lost valley.)

The girls cousins Wils and Rosie, along with Viv, Cliff, Sam and Tim, are arriving this afternoon for a week’s holiday. The girls have just has a fantastic week with the Club des Sport and now they have their cousins to play with next week. What a perfect half-term holiday for them!

Snow is forecast tonight but no one is very optimistic about receiving a decent amount. Ten to thirty has been mentioned but we may only get ten centimetres over a three day period. Here’s hoping for a retour de l’est!

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