Please let it snow!

14 February 2015

Unfortunately no new snow fell overnight so we didn’t have any relief, but we did have a ‘light-bulb’ hanging above of that gave us good vis for a flat-light day. It was the last day for many so Chris and I headed to the Sachette to round out everyone’s week with a different sector and the snow was pretty jolly good. (Mind you the traverse was dreadful, but what else is new!) I skied with Tony G for the first time in 25-years and it was great to have him along and so long to Stephen, Bernard and John who had a wonderful week.

I had an e-mail from a gentleman who thought I had a bad attitude for my ‘get off my mountain’ comment yesterday. He mustn’t be a regular reader of the diary or he wouldn’t have taken that comment seriously. Of course it’s not ‘my mountain’ although I spend a lot more time on it than most, but it does bother me when people show a lack of respect, such as track abuse, reckless and dangerous skiing on the piste, men not covering up their yellow patches with fresh snow after they’ve taken a pee, and people ruining ‘skinning’ tracks. I could go on but I’ll spare you from one of my rants!

Hopefully we’ll get some snow tonight because we are now in need of a fresh canvas. The skies are overcast and a few flakes are floating about but it doesn’t really feel like it’s going to happen.

There won’t be a sports report as a 4-nil defeat isn’t worth writing about. Stay tuned!

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